04 November 2006


My first post! I can't believe I'm blogging! I feel I must begin by sharing some of my many blessings. 2006 has been an incredible year! Amazing opportunites, brand new look for Susie Hamidi Photography & Web site, first house, and especially so many wonderful friends in Seattle and around the world.

Divine intercessions, years of education, lots of hard work and many extraordinary people have nurtured an unbelievable harvest in my life. God, thank You for your merciful and loving provision! I thank my dear husband Paul for his support, which has provided me the freedom to follow my dreams, and for his patience when my passion for photography separates us – particularly during the most beautiful months of the year. Thank you for formatting my cards, making me breakfast, understanding my craziness on wedding day mornings, and for the days you spend alone while I'm shooting when you’d rather take me camping and exploring this beautiful part of the country. My special friend since grad school days and former business partner, Oona Copperhill, thank you for your friendship and for sharing your unique vision with me. I wouldn't be here without you. Jeff LaPlante, my Web designer, fellow photographer and one of my new favorite people - your generosity, encouragement, technical genius, and enthusiasm have changed my world. You are a true light! A huge thank you goes to Sara LaPlante for sharing your talented husband with so many of us. Pictage membership has been the bridge to an entire community of professional photographers and really great people. WPJA, how awesome to be invited to join this organization and worldwide group of photographers commited to photojournalism.

And, my beautiful brides and grooms! What a privilege to capture moments that preserve the memory of your wedding day. This year I've worked with couples living in Romania, England, the Philippines, New York City, Washington, D.C., Denver, Houston, Las Vegas, and of course many kindred spirits in the Pacific Northwest. Coming soon is a slideshow of my beautiful 2006 newlyweds!

On November 8th, I leave for Claudia and Alfredo's destination wedding in Santiago, Chile. Paul is able to join me for this trip, and after the wedding, we're really looking forward to touring this gorgeous country over two weeks. Thanksgiving in Chile! I invited Jeff LaPlante to cover the wedding with me. He said yes! and is bringing his lovely wife, too. What a fabulous time it will be. Can't wait to share photos when we return!


Blogger B. Schaefer said...

WOW! Susie I am in AWE! The new site is stunning, and your photography is...absolutely breathtaking! I feel lifted just having spent time watching your slide-shows -- seriously amazing!

12:10 AM  
Blogger Sara said...

Susie, you are so sweet! I love your new website and your fabulous new blog :) I can't wait until you are back from Chile. I need to see pictures!

8:35 AM  
Blogger truthinlightphotography said...

I just stumbled upon your site, Susie and I just love it! You have such beautiful, touching photographs and i can see what an amazing connection you have with your bride and grooms, that is a great gift that makes your work come alive.
Congrats on the blog! We are going to be adding one to my site as well and I am encouraged every time I see a photographer put one up!
Darcie Radtke (owner of Truth In Light Photography Vancouver, Wa)

1:36 PM  

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