22 December 2006

Persian Wedding in Las Vegas

Oasis Found!

I'd never been to Vegas. And I'd never experienced a Persian wedding. I found my oasis in the desert at Mark and Heather Tadrissi's wedding. Mark is incredibly handsome, smart, a successful dentist - and my husband's cousin! We were so happy to learn of his beautiful bride and their engagement. I flew into Vegas from my Alabama Wedding and had the unusual opportunity to be a guest - not photographer - at an event. I knew it would be a challenge for me to keep my seat, but it was really wonderful to relax and to dance with my husband. I've been photographing at weddings since high school, so I couldn't attend this important wedding without at least one camera. I forced myself to take only one and left all my other gear in the hotel room. Mark and Heather's wedding was exquisite with the most intoxicating colors - gold, red, palm green and azure blue. Here are a few of the images that I couldn't resist. I fell in love with this song by Persian artist Omid. I don't speak Farsi, so I'm hoping the words are as romantic as the melody. I'll be posting a description soon about the details of the beautiful cultural elements of their wedding. Click here for Mark and Heather's SLIDESHOW.


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