28 July 2009

Kim and Theo

View Kim and Theo's wedding slide show

Spend any time with these two and you'll know their wait for each other was well worth it. They are giddy in love. Theirs was a winter wedding, just three weeks after Seattle was hit by a blizzard, yet the sun was out in full glory and it felt like Springtime. I think even nature was moved by Kim and Theo's union!

Of course I have a huge heart for Orthodox ceremonies, and this one was made even more special since Theo's father has served as the priest of St. Demetrios for decades. How moving to watch Fr. John officiate the wedding of his son! Theo's uncle (also a priest) came over from Greece to participate in the service. It was beautiful!

Congratulations and may God grant you many years!

Again, my deep thanks to Jeff LaPlante for second shooting for me!


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