09 February 2007

Jeff LaPlante

Where would I be without you, Jeff! I have to take a moment to thank this indispensable business consultant, great photographer and wonderful friend who has affected and changed my life in such a beautiful way. Jeff was a true Godsend during my conversion from film to digital, and he continues to offer excellent (and patient) work flow, storage and Web development support. Jeff is the Community Leader of Seattle's Pictage User Group. He is incredibly knowledgeable and infinitely giving. Despite his full and busy life as husband, father of two (plus 2 dogs & a cat) and PUG leader, Jeff always answers his phone and finds time to share his talents. I walked into his office this week to hear him on the phone with Dane Sanders. Last night he was helping Mike Colon troubleshoot his RAID set and talking to Jim Davis about Action Runner. Today when I called, Joann Arruda had just walked in the door. Jeff is a sterling example of community builder! DJ (Open Source Photo) should be proud! Jeff's not only a technical master, but he's an all around wealth of knowledge - everything from mouse traps to how to paint your house to the best coffee beans! Thank you, Jeff!

Jeff helping wedding photographer Sharlane Chase set up her network calendar.


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